A. B. C. Restorations

Paint removal (paint stripping) and restoration service for doors and windows in Brisbane

ABC Restorations specializes in non-chemical paint removal and the total hand restoration of doors and windows, with emphasis on heritage architectural components and joinery.
ABC Restorations is based in Salisbury, Brisbane.

The picture gallery below displays the stark difference between hand-restored versus chemically-treated timber, in addition to two examples of French doors restored by ABC Restorations.

Hand restored timber

Hand-restored seasoned pine

Above we see a length of seasoned pine which has been restored by hand. Note that the timber shows normal grain colour and texture.

Chemically treated timber

Chemically-treated seasoned pine

Above we see a length of seasoned pine which has undergone chemical treatment for paint removal (paint stripping). The severe damage caused to the timber by this process is obvious, and causes a complete loss of normal colour and texture to the grain of the timber. Critically, the resulting damage is irreversible and cannot be salvaged by any amount of hand restoration.

Pine Gunstock 1890 hand restored

Pine Gunstock (circa 1890), hand restored

Art Deco 1940 hand restored

Art Deco (circa 1940), hand restored